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A bright future: Your beautiful life with Autism

Alex's story is a testament to the unique strengths and perspectives that autistic individuals bring to the workforce, showcasing how autism can be an asset in the workplace.

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Navigating the Path to an ADHD Diagnosis for Your Child

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) shapes the way children regulate their attention, impulses, and activity levels. Every child exhibits a distinctive combination of characteristics, and the journey towards an ADHD diagnosis involves thoughtful observation and collaboration with professionals.

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The Importance of Autism Assessments: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

For individuals and families struggling with the complexities of Autism, timely and accurate assessments play a pivotal role in shaping support. But how do you know which provider of Autism Assessments is right for you?

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The Role of Qualified Professionals in ADHD Assessments

At Psicon, our commitment to excellence is evident in the extensive experience and specialised training of our clinicians, the collaborative efforts of our multidisciplinary team, and our unwavering dedication to transparent communication throughout the assessment process.

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