Am I Neurodivergent? Signs and Symptoms

Am I Neurodivergent? Signs and Symptoms

According to the NCI, an estimated 15-20 per cent of the world's population exhibits some form of neurodivergence. 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when researching neurodiversity and specifically symptoms of autism in adults, but as the NCI research reveals, almost 1 in 5 of us are on this journey, so it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Neurodevelopmental conditions, such as autism and ADHD, come with traits that make each individual wonderfully unique. We build stronger relationships and lead more fulfilling and happier lives through recognising and celebrating these differences. When you suspect that you may be neurodiverse, it's a lifelong journey to develop an awareness and manage the signs and symptoms that impact your daily life. This all starts with an accurate clinical diagnosis from a team of autism specialists. 

At Psicon, we are one of the UK’s largest providers of neurodevelopmental services; our multidisciplinary team is over 150 strong and includes expert clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, specialist nurse prescribers, and occupational and speech and language therapists.  

Here are some of the basic signs and symptoms autistic adults, or, in some cases, adults with ADHD, might display. It is worth noting that only through a diagnostic assessment can signs and symptoms be confirmed as autism or ADHD. 

Signs and Symptoms of Neurodivergence in Adults

It's crucial to bear in mind that not every autistic individual exhibits every symptom; instead, they may only display a few. If you recognise some of these symptoms in your life, speak to a professional to understand yourself better and make the steps towards an assessment.

  • Sensory sensitivities 
  • Problems with mood
  • Being misunderstood at work 
  • Difficulties in relationships 

Celebrating the Extraordinary Uniqueness of Neurodivergence

Post-assessment and diagnosis, these symptoms can add to a beautifully unique life. Neurodivergent individuals frequently have an exceptional capacity for creativity and showcase a vibrant imagination with innovative problem-solving skills.

Autistic individuals often exhibit distinct social preferences, excelling in one-on-one interactions or thriving in well-structured social settings. Recognising and understanding these preferences can improve communication.

Without a proper diagnosis and the right support, managing these challenges can feel overwhelming, impacting your work life, home, education, and relationships with those around you.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to learn more about your options when it comes to an assessment for autism or ADHD, please get in touch with us today. 

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Everyone’s mind is unique. Many of us are neurodiverse. And while the neurological differences that make us individuals can bring challenges, we believe that with understanding, empathy and expert support, everyone can thrive.

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