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Psicon offer the highest quality diagnostic assessments, treatment and support for autism, ADHD and mental wellbeing. Providing a comprehensive range of treatment services across all age groups, Psicon is the leading provider of neurodevelopmental assessments in the UK.

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Onebright is the leading provider of private outpatient mental health services across a continuum of care and the leading outpatient mental healthcare company in the UK for patient referrals. We remain exclusively focused on mental health – dedicating all our energy and investment into improving end-to-end services for your employees’ mental health.

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Prescriba offer psychological counselling and health solutions for both large and small workplaces throughout Denmark. With several years of experience in health, prevention and treatment, they strive to keep up with the times and always be one step ahead with a creative and innovative approach.

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Everyone’s mind is unique. Many of us are neurodiverse. And while the neurological differences that make us individuals can bring challenges, we believe that with understanding, empathy and expert support, everyone can thrive.

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