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Mental Health Awareness Week: Review

Between 8th and 12 May, Psicon ran a series of public talks as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.


The first talk, by Dr Chrissie Loft, Clinical Psychologist, focussed on the role of clinical psychology in mental health. It introduced a range of therapeutic techniques, and discussed their application in treating various psychological problems. It also included an...

Free Talks and Workshops - Psicon supporting Mental Health Awareness Week (May 8th-12th)

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (8th - 12th May), Psicon will be offering a series of talks and workshops at 15 New Dover Road, Canterbury. Attendance is open to the public and free of charge. For a full schedule and information on how to register your interest in attending, click here.



Developmental difficulties linked to rising number of children with sleep disorders

Posted in Psicon's Children, Young People and Family Services

A BBC report, published online in March 2017, has commented on the increasing number of children with sleep difficulties in the UK. According to the report, doctors currently write ten times more prescriptions for the most common sleep medication – melatonin – than they did ten years ago. In this same time period, there has also been a dramatic...